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  Specific Features  

Shuang Feng Elementary School

Specific Features

The campus where is such beautiful as a park in the outer city of Xindian

likes a forest elementary school. School develop the maximum function of
environment education to make students here bath in natural, and have
open-mind, and happy.

We use active and natural ways to teach, thus children can learn something
in games which are coordinated by teaching and exercises. Curriculums of
topic exploration are focus on horizontal contact between different subjects
and vertical connection between different topics. This make students have
complete and deep understanding.

Teachers here have openmind to face and solve students’ problems, and
keep well communication with parents. For example, we have Parents’ Day
for each class in each month, and conference of Teachers & Parents for whole
school one or two time in one session. Besides, mother volunteers always take
part in administering school’s affairs to be the best aids in teaching. This has
became an institution of us to make teachers focus on teaching and taking care
of children.